About Us

Real Raw Shea is a creation drawn directly from co-founder Aisha’s obsession of raw beauty products. During one of her family trips to Ghana, she had an allergic outbreak which resulted in facial hives for a portion of her trip. To remedy the reaction, her mother insisted she use traditional items on her face – black soap and shea butter… and the rest is history! Aisha experienced the benefits of raw products and is now dedicated to making them available to all people for varying uses other than just skincare.

Aisha’s family hails from the northern region of Ghana, West Africa where the shea tree (karite) grows abundantly in the wild. The technique of processing and using shea butter has been passed down for generations by her family members. Along with her family ties, her passion stems from seeing the misuse and adversity many women face, such as low wages and unfair labor practices. These women also work in disparate conditions due to a lack of equipment, safe environment, and personal protective gear. Exposure to snake bites and poisonous plants are only a few example of the dangerous risks many of these women face on a daily basis. Aisha combined her passion for empowering women with her interest in sharing raw ingredients with the world to form Real Raw Shea.

Alfred Glover is a Ghanaian-American with family from the Volta Region. He has always had a strong connection to Ghana as he spent part of his childhood in Accra. Alfred grew interest in producing coconut oil in the Volta and Western regions of Ghana as he learned of its benefits and use cases as a natural product. Aisha reconnected with Alfred and learned of his interests in natural ingredients in Ghana. They worked tirelessly on nights and weekends, dedicating a portion of their free time and travels all over the world to grow and manage a business remotely in a developing country.

The Co-Founders later realized their fathers were also lifelong friends from Ghana. Aisha and Alfred’s pride in their Ghanaian heritage serves as the foundation of the vision to RRS.

RRS specializes in natural ingredient sourcing. We pride ourselves on our agile, efficient, and reliable supply chain. We offer our customers premium-quality natural ingredients while providing transparency into our operations. We reinvest a portion of our earnings into developing and supporting rural communities throughout Ghana. RRS is a direct pipeline for responsible buyers to buy natural ingredients in support of organic farming in underdeveloped, rural communities.

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